Improved Communication Skills               Increased Awareness of Strengths               Enhanced Cross-Functional Thinking

Strategy Development Simulation               Connecting Workplace Analogies               Greater Connection to Mission

Increased Problem Solving Skills               Enhanced Camaraderie               Greater Self-Awareness               Greater Self-Management

Increased Morale                     Enhanced Relationships

We had a GREAT time… was very fun, exactly what we had hoped for (but better)! Chris did a fantastic job. Very personable and took care of everything!
— - Barclays Bank of Delaware, October 2016
Thank you so much for such an overwhelmingly exciting day. Each opportunity to strengthen our relationships and learn from one another was clearly planned and made the experience all the more rewarding.
— 2015 Miles Family Fellows, July 2015
Chris is a talented and creative facilitator. His attention to detail and willingness to be flexible are two of his many strong qualities. Chris’s numerous life experiences and work experience have helped him to create a great reputation has a professional facilitator. Chris is our “go to man” and comes highly recommended!
— Avi Gross, Owner of Project Ascent, LLC, November 2009